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About me


For much of my early life I had felt as though I was stuck in the middle of a bridge. Looking ahead towards the person and life I knew I truly am and could have, but unable to take the steps towards it.

Empowered Growth for me is not just a business it was born out of my own personal struggles and the ultimate freedom I found when with the support of others, I took that leap. I believe that we all have the power to shape our experiences but along the way our upbringing, our past and life experiences can make us forget those inherit gifts.

Throughout my career I have working with Councils, Housing Associations and Domestic Violence Groups to champion the growth and development of people and communities.  These experiences have allowed me to work with groups and individuals at all stages of their journey; from rebuilding their foundations to achieving their life long goals.  One of the most beautiful experiences I've seen is that we are all evolving and growing  which provides us another chance to reframe who we are in this present moment and how we truly want our lives to be.

As I too have evolved, I have nurtured my deep passion for merging the ancient wisdom and practices of the past alongside the modern science and psychology of today.  Both hold the key to long lasting change but it has been when I have worked with both systems that I've seen the huge transformation in peoples lives take place.  Through the use of Mindfulness, Coaching and Reiki I have created services that promote wellbeing within the mind, body and  soul.  I believe the start of the journey is listening to and trusting yourself.  When we do the work on the inside first the rest really does become so much easier.


Let Me Support You on Your Journey


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